Blackout USA

blackout usa

How this “Secret Weapon” could destroy America in seconds

According to reports, Russia now has a futuristic secret weapon that could destroy America in a heartbeat.

It’s not what you think though…


This isn’t a conventional weapon…


It’s not a bomb and it doesn’t fire bullets…

But this secret weapon is 1000 times more damaging than a nuclear missile and could take out the entire USA in just a couple of hours. You see, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Vladimir Putin has serious empire building ambitions.

This KGB strongman is slowly re-establishing Russian dominance all around the world.

And seems intent on building an re-building the empire.

Truth is, he DOESN’T want to give up power and that’s the problem.

This mad dictator will do ANYTHING to stay in control…

…even if that means war with America.

Now, the weapon I’ve been talking about is called an EMP or electro-magnetic pulse.

And the reason why it’s so deadly is because it targets the power grid.

You see, an EMP “Fires” an electro-magnetic discharge that fries sensitive circuits within seconds. Modern day appliances and gadgets have sensitive electronic circuits built in and they will ALL be destroyed when the pulse fires.

Think of a regular blackout only an EMP attack is permanent and on a larger scale.

This means you can say goodbye to telecommunications, transportation and even utilities like water.

Bottom line?

This weapon will instantly end modern life in America and send us back to the middle ages.

Nothing that has electronic components will ever work again.

Your car won’t start, TVs, phones and the internet will be dead.

Your oven, kitchen appliances and radio will all be useless.

All utilities will stop working and power outages will be followed by nation-wide blackouts, radio silence and satellite breakdown…leaving the world in total chaos.

Imagine not having any electricity for days, weeks , months or even years…

Imagine going back to making fires and using candles for light…

Imagine law and order being a thing of the past…

And when all this happens millions of people are going to die.

You need to take this seriously and take steps to protect your loved ones.

There is an answer though. One man has uncovered a proven way to protect yourself from an EMP bomb.

His name is Alec Deacon and he’s the best-selling author of outdoor survival and disaster preparedness books with a huge following online.

This guy isn’t some armchair survivalist or theorist. He’s well respected in the community and knows what he’s talking about.

And according to him an EMP attack isn’t a question of if but when.

Whether the Russians or ISIS it’s going to happen.

But he’s found a way to survive this.

He’s found a cheap and easy way to protect against an electro-magnetic pulse and survive without electricity (Can you believe he learnt this stuff by living with the Amish.)

He’s put this information into a practical guide you can find here.

In this guide you’ll learn how to keep your family safe when an EMP strikes, survive the collapse and thrive in the aftermath.

An EMP attack could happen in the blink of an eye, and will totally annihilate America, killing millions, but you can protect yourself and survive go here now to learn how.

Price : USD 40.40

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