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Get Trump T-Shirt and Make America Great AgainWhy you should support Donald Trump

The one thing I have learnt from Political Science is that, every politician is externally controlled.

All-important politicians are funded by large corporates. Millions of dollars are usually invested in the politicians through the tricky fund-raisings they host.

Lobbyists are extremely powerful in terms of negotiating with top politicians in order to get those policies that are favorable to the corporate companies. They are very skilled at arm-twisting in order to get the exact policies they want.

Ideology is an external intellectual cover for an election campaigning. There is no much difference between a Republican politician and a Democratic politician. Every one of them is controlled by those few large corporate leaders who fund their elections.

There was never any difference between Bush, Clinton or Nixon. Some have shifted the parties in their careers, while searching for greener pastures.

As long as the candidates are all funded by external corporates, they would always be externally controlled. They would be biased in their policies and would have other vested interests. They can even be forced to change the country's policies in favor of the people who fund them.

Come to think of it, what else do you think that made Obama not been able to bring stronger gun-restriction laws?

Almost all politician is the same because they always get money from the same people. When it comes to the stuff they care about, the citizenry will exactly get the same no matter if the president is Obama or Clinton.

But, Trump is self-funded!

Are you Afraid of Donald Trump Making America Horrible

Is he a racist misogynistic asshole? Yes.

Is he a big-time buffoon who makes a joke of himself? Yes.

Is he a narcissistic snob that makes careless controversial statements? Yes.

But, all this is during the campaign phase, where you supposed to gain attention to show your candidature. Once one gets elected to an Office, a lot of things change just the way dust settles down.

The President is surrounded by many experts in all the field who give the best suggestions and policy actions based on ground realities.
All the media speeches or international political statements given by the President are scripted by team of professionals to make sure no controversial statements are made.
The President is assisted with the best and the smartest bureaucrats in the country who are giving out strong advice to the President if he/she plans to do something rash.
And Trump is a smart businessman to listen to the subject-experts who work under him. He knows that listening to them will help him grow his own image. He knows that implementing good/quality policies would increase his popularity.
He knows that listening to these anonymous lowly nerds would propel his growth and can easily ensure another term for him as the President.
But, people are worried about a lot of unwanted things if Trump becomes the President.
No, he won't start a nuclear war. Come on guys. He will be surrounded by at least 300 patriotic experts who would always force him not to, or put some logic and common sense into his head.
Trump doesn't know much about international issues, and this scares some people, but it doesn't scare me, at least we know going in that he doesn't know that much and so he can rely on his competent advisers and task forces to help him make decisions. Is it perfect, no, but it's a hell of lot better than providing a half ass answer like so many politicians do these days.
End of the day, every legislation is passed by US Congress, where enough debate about pros and cons of a legislation is discussed. The Executive just implements whatever comes through the Law.
Trump is a businessman. And even if he is an idiot who heads the country, he would appoint smart, capable people at all the important Cabinet positions including the Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense etc.
He will not be moved by any vested corporate interests, because he has no monetary obligation towards any of them. No large "behind-the-curtain" people can influence him.


So, if any politician is voted in, it would be the same people. Controlled by the powerful few. Once elected no ideological policies, no manifestos, no intellectual debates matter anymore. What matters is loyalty towards funding.

If Trump gets to be the President, no one would be able to negatively influence him, and he would be able to implement whatever is good for the country and for the world.

He would be surrounded by experts and advisors. His every speech, every move, every interaction with the media would be closely planned, monitored and programmed by the White House team. His buffoonery would have to reduce a lot, as the professionalism of a highly respected political office can change anyone.

And, most importantly, he would have the guts to implement all legislations that are good for the society, and not just only to the corporates. He will have the free-will and the freedom to do what is right.

He may not know what is right. But his team of competent advisors would be there to tell him that. He will have the independence to implement any legislation without having any external pressure.

And that is good for the country.

So, even though I really hate him, I hate his personality and I hate his character, I still think based on the ground realities and circumstances, he would be the best bet for the country, and thereby for the world.


Being Nice Is For Cowards And Democrats…Trump Summed It Up Perfectly… 


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