How to Get a Job as a Nurse in Australia

How to Get a Job as a Nurse in Australia

How to Get a Job as a Nurse in Australia


Do you want to move to Australia to work as a nurse?

It is true to say that there is a shortage of nurses in Australia. But how easy is it for those from this medical profession to qualify for Permanent Residency (PR) or an Employer Sponsored nurse Workers Visa?

If you are an internationally qualified nurse or midwife and are interested in working in Australia, it is important you review the following important requirements and the steps you need to take.

Below are criteria that have to be met:

1. Your age.

2. Your ability to speak good English language.

3. Your current qualifications and the country you obtained them from.

4. Your qualifications will need to be assessed by the Australia authority.

5. Upon a successful assessment, you will also need to obtain registration with one of the state or territory nursing registration boards.


What is it like working as a nurse in Australia?

Nursing is a well-paying profession in Australia and can be compared to some of the best in the world. The fast growing Australian health care sector has a huge demand for trained nurses and this is one reason why nurses from all over the world aspire to work in the country. However, overseas trained nurses have to complete a bridging course first so that they can meet the exacting health care standards of the country.

Australia has socialized medicine and you gain so much in low cost of healthcare.


How much does a nurse earn in Australia?

Nurses earn very well in Australia and their pay packages are comparable with the best in the world. But the amount they earn depends on a lot of factors. The first is their educational qualifications. A graduate nurse will have a higher package than a certified nurse who has just completed the basic course. Again, there will be a difference in pay between say, a nurse who has done Certificate III and works under direct supervision and one who has completed Certificate IV and can independently discharge her duties. On an average, a nurse in Australia earns between $60,000 to $110, 000 per year depending on her qualifications and experience.


How Do I Start Working and Living as a Nurse In Australia?

Are you a Nurse that wants to work and live in Australia but really don’t know how and where to get started? Have you looked into it but found the whole process too complicated? Then look no further because this eBook is for you.

However, if you are a student or graduate nurse already living in Australia and you’re are looking for help in understanding the Australian health service, we have developed a smaller but great eBook just for you.

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