Pete's Betfair Methods

Pete's Betfair Methods

How to Trade On BetFair for Profit

The Internet has changed almost everything, including gambling, but what exactly is Betfair? is a unique online betting site where thousands of people bet against themselves on sporting and cultural events around the world every day. Betfair is also one of the largest sports betting operators in the world that processes over 7 million transactions daily, and it is more than all European stock exchanges together.

How Betfair Works

Since Betfair was conceived it has been a massive success. The recent stock market flotation of Betfair is testament to this.

There are few Betfair questions that should be asked more frequently.

Is it possible to make back bets on Betfair like with a normal online bookmaker? Yes, and why not? The odds on Betfair have been proven to be up to 20% better on average than traditional bookmakers.


What is the other side to this story? The lay side. The thing that makes Betfair really stand out is that you are able to lay football teams, horses, or whatever to lose of just for something not to happen.


What is a matched bet? Each bet requires a layer and a backer. In other words, a Betfair member that thinks an event will happen (a backer) and one that thinks it won’t happen (a layer), and they are willing to place their money where their mouth is. When a bet has both a layer and a backer at the same odds the bet is said to be ‘matched’. The clever bit is that Betfair pairs everyone back and lay bets quickly in order to be left with few bets unmatched.  Normally, the amount of money on the back and lay side of a bet is never equal, which means some bet are remain unmatched or get partially matched. As a backer or a layer, it is very possible to bet against one other member of lots of members, it’s all the same as long as the bet gets matched.

How to Use Betfair

Betfair works with impartiality in the pub who always holds the money until he gives it to the winner.

Betfair give you all the guidance you need, and they encourage winners! Betfair don't ban or cut back as the case with many bookies who limit stakes or close accounts if anyone “dares” to beat them. It doesn't matter to Betfair, because they take no position in the markets.


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