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E-Business: Modern Business Technology

E-Business: Modern Business Technology

Technology has made things different and changed in our life whether it is about household lifestyle or the business. We have a huge influence and participation of technology in our common routine and to a major extent w relay on it as well. From the start of the day to the end, we use a number of technology devices such as smartphones, home appliances, workstations and much more. Every small gadget we hold does have software and is an electronic device that is much more efficient than the previous times. Commonly our phone that we love the most at present is not just an electronic device to communicate with the people at long distant. In fact, now it is a tool to be connected to the whole world and has a free wide access to the information and research as well. It is not just a communicating device but also a research and information storage device that let us have everything with us.

With just your Smartphone you can do a lot of things such as locate the positions, know research, get connected to social media sites, approach the people all over the world, sync the other gadgets and devices. Through latest applications and other software, you can also connect your car and other home appliances with your phone and can operate them easily from anywhere through the internet. If there is an increase in the number of devices around you then you are provided with one remote to control all of them at one time and make their best use as well.

The next thing after the technology and devices that have empowered the situation is the software development. Software development is the most important thing that is supporting all the major inventions in the present age. Every device we are using has software that is called as its operating system and let us do a number of things on a single device. We can connect all the devices and work with them by the help of software that is actually an interesting fact.

The lead of all is the internet that enables all the software to be connected together and work properly on a number of devices. All the applications software used by the people on their different devices is online and definitely need an internet connection. Without internet connectivity, these devices are nothing and will not do any good to you. If you are holding a Smartphone but not internet connection then no application will do any good to you and it will be like an ordinary phone that is just used to make calls. Although now, some of the applications are coming up the offline features for the convenience but to update them you need an internet connection ultimately that will bring the best to you.

Collectively, technology, software development, and the internet have made our life easy and fast. Now, we can do a lot of things altogether and can have better options to progress and achieve success in life easily. A number of tasks that people use to do in a conventional or limited scale now doing on a global level with a virtual format. Through technology, we are introduced to the virtual world where we have all the things virtually sc has virtual classrooms to get an online education, virtual hospitals to understand the disease and diagnosis, Virtual psychological help to have sessions with a psychologist and most importantly e-business. Technology has changed the trends to business and brought us so many options in business when we want to have a personal business setup. Now, setting up an individual business is not a difficult thing for a person, in fact, it can be done easily by anyone with the minimum capital but strong ideation.

What is E – Business?

E – Business refers to an electronic business that also termed as online business and includes all the methods and ways that are sued to earn money online. The definition of business is simple that any act that is used to earn money and involves the risk of profit and loss as well. In the case of online or e – business things are a bit different. The entrepreneur uses to do the investment and offer services or products to the consumers but the things are a bit different in terms of publicity and availability of products to the consumers. In the online business, the entrepreneur does not have to own a proper office or a shop where he will display all the products and people will walk into the place and get their required stuff. In fact, the setup is generated on an online web page where the entrepreneur provides complete details of products or services along with the pictures and descriptions. People will visit the site and select the products or services according to their choice or need. The products will be delivered to their place through courier services and the rest of the things are managed on the mutual consultation in between the supplier and consumer as well.

Participants of E-Business

E – Business is the major attraction in the present age of business where entrepreneurs are more concern about their targeting consumers and want to have more profit in their business as well. When you are going, online things are quite reasonable for you and as an entrepreneur, there are a number of opportunities to earn more profit. In the e-business, a number of participants involved those are important to build up a business and take it to the next step.


To a startup, any business it is important to plan things first as this will lead to the best outcomes of the business. Anything if you start without a proper plan will lead you to the maximum risk or ultimate loss as well. This is important to ensure that you will have the best and proper plan before setting up an online business. It is good to decide what you are going to offer and to whom. Following can be the major points to consider in the planning of your business:

What is the business you are going to start up, whether services or products
What is your targeted audience
Define the reach of consumers all over the globe
Brands you are going to cover in your products
Identify the potential consumers and suppliers at the same time
Build up the contacts with the cargo services providers
Prepare a draft of the quotations and estimations

Investment capital

Investment is the key point in every business, to make sure you will have the best outcomes of any business you need to make sure you will have a good capital start. Without investing anything into a business, you cannot get the profit. To start up your online portal, getting the raw form, tools, or products you need some investment. The best thing about online business is the involvement of low costing or capital. Therefore, you can have better and easy start of your business. If you are good at resource management then you can easily start the online business with minimum investment.

Online portal

When you are going for the online business the most important thing you need is an online portal, definitely to make restaurants you need a place for the setup. The online portal is your setup place where you will display all of your products, services, and profile for the customers. This will be your global address where people from all over the world will visit you and build up a connection. There you can entertain and influence them with your products and offers that will simply make some of the best customers to you.

Business profile

Your profile is important to reach the maximum number of customers online; in the online business, it is important to gain the consumer’s confidence in your brand. Your business profile will build up a positive image of your business among the consumers and you can have better responses from them as well. Make sure you will have the best business profile that will explain everything about your services or properties of your products. Always make sure to offer something good and exclusive to the consumers as everything that is new attract them the most.

Social media incorporation

Social media is the new online marketing tool that is used to promote the business; marketing and business have a strong relation from the very beginning. To promote any business and earn major profit out of it, the most important thing is marketing of that business. Right now, the social media sites are the best marketing tools that are generally used by the online business owners and help them to build up an effective image of their business. In the social media sites, there could be a number of options such as Facebook, twitter, blogging and many other social platforms where people like to know about different brands and share their reviews on them as well. At present, the social media are a new search engine that is widely used to know new things and best options in town.

Customer care and instant responses

If you care for your customers, they will be concerned towards you, it is a rule of the business that you will care for your customers, and they will keep you in their consideration for a long term. Specifically, when you are dealing with the online consumers, you have to make sure that you will have the instant response for your consumers and provide them answers about their quarries immediately. This will build up their confidence in your business and the taboo of frauds in online business will be rejected automatically. If you will provide them a better experience of shopping with you then they will approach you and recommend to others as well on the long run. It is important for you to start with all these factors in your mind so you will grow further ahead and for a longer period.

Most popular types of E – Business

Under the umbrella of e – business there are a number business models and types can be covered according to the acts and procedures of dealings, services, and products as well. there are a number of platforms introduces online that are a part of online business and all of these platforms have the ideas from the basic four models that provides proper guidance. In fact, the online business ideas are generated by the entrepreneurs through these models. By the help of following models, it is easy for you to understand the procedures of online business sites and different platforms:

Business to consumer

In the business to consumer type of online business the entrepreneur, sell the products or services to the customers directly without any other third party involvement into it. The online shopping portals that are offering the direct selling services to the customers are known as the business to customer online business portals. The portals or shopping stores offer their products to the consumers and dispatch the order directly to their clients according to the order and requirements.

Business to business

The next type of online business is the business-to-business online stores. Just like the conventional wholesale business in online business, there is an option of providing the retailers the services of wholesale products that let them have things in bulk. On these shopping platforms, the retailers are the targeted consumers whether it is about services, products, or information. The shopping platform is designed for the bulk purchases and provides them the specified products of commodities at the wholesale rates. Sometimes the online portals connect the businesspersons together at the platform to let them have their deals online. This seems to be a complicated or complex process that leads a number of transactions in a single deal or process.

Consumer to consumer

This is something that involves a less investment and provides an effective turnover to the entrepreneur who is running such kind of platform. This is about involving two consumers together at a platform and let them behave as seller and buyer according to their need. Such platforms let the sellers sell their products and buyers to buy them according to their needs. The classified web pages are the best examples of such kind of platforms that lets the people post their ads according to the sales or purchases and then buyers can contact them to get the products at the favorable prices.

Consumer to business

This is the unique e – business model that lets the consumer to decide the price of the transaction. This seems to be an effective and new kind of business where the consumer has the right to bid for the price of the product according to his own evaluation and the seller will pick up the best bid to get the stuff sold. Such kind of sites is effective to provide the people the cheap and quality products online easily. There are a number of shopping sites available online that are following the format and letting the people decide their cost for the stuff they want to purchase or select in their cart.

Difference between e-commerce and e-business

Sometimes people confuse the e – business and e-commerce together, it is a common perception that e – commerce is the synonym of e – business that is completely wrong. In actually, e – business is a wider term that covers up the e – commerce into it and provides the business community to serve their monetary transactions in this section. E – Commerce specifically related to the monetary transactions and buying or selling of goods in a business online on the national or international level. While on the other hand, e – business is all about the transfer of information, communication, and customer’s services, products, and many other activities using the medium of internet. E – Business is an entire business setup that develops, controlled, and promote online by using all the internet means. E – Commerce is a subset of e – business that happens when there is an involvement of money or a transaction is locked. In a business, there is always a procedure of information transmission and debates but in commerce, there are always solid transactions that are related to some profit generation or evaluation directly. Some of the prominent differences of e – commerce and e – business can be defined as:

E – Commerce is a business to consumer procedures while on the other hand, e – business is a business-to-business procedure
E – Commerce is simply confined to the buying or selling of goods or services while e – business is related to pre – sale or post – sale services along with the communication and information transfer.
E – Commerce is a one-time short-term procedure, on the other hand, e – business is a long term and ongoing procedure with further dealings.
E – Commerce is an outward facing process while e – business is an inward facing process.
Logistics, e – marketing, supply chain management, business promotion are the common and major examples of e – business.
Purchase of products online from any online store is the simple example of e – commerce.

E – Marketing

E – Marketing refers to the electronic marketing that leads you to acquire the marketing tools and strategies via the internet. Any marketing procedure that helps online to promote any idea, business or concept is known as e – marketing. Along with the internet and technological development, the marketing trends and support system is now changed and upgraded to the next level where people are using a number of other supportive trends to reach a number of consumers all over the globe. With the help of internet and a number of websites or applications, it is not a tough thing to reach the maximum number of people and letting them know about your products or services. All the online and even the offline businesses entrepreneurs are using the e – marketing strategies to get the best customer responses.

E – Marketing is not a rocket science that needs some kind of specialized skills or knowledge, in fact, a person with the basic knowledge of web and internet can lead the things to the next level and will have the best and appropriate marketing strategy. Developing a better image of any business and reaching the maximum number of people along with information persuading them this is the best tool any of the entrepreneurs can use.

What digital marketing do for a business?

Marketing is a tool that is used to make any business or idea popular among the people. It is a fact that consumer will buy the product that is in his knowledge and attract him. The purchases of the people are on two bases one is a necessity and the other is a luxury. Necessity is something that is the need of the hour and one cannot resist it at all. It is important and in fact compulsory for a person to have that thing in order to full fill the need. Such as in the need of thirst a person need to drink water so he will not prefer any brand but a water bottle to fulfill the need of the hour. While on the other hand if the same person is not thirsty and have to purchase a water bottle for the future use then he will prefer to have, a specific brand of water and this will be a luxury to him. Through marketing people are projected based on the need and luxury and when they are in the marketplace they will simply act as per to their cognition.

In the e – marketing, people are provided with a number of products online that capture their mind and ideas towards a specific product. This will simply lead them to the next step of persuasion that they will take action and go for the purchase sometimes. Or else they will bookmark the link and will visit the site when they are in need of that product. The continuous and rapid flash message of a product through marketing online will persuade the person to approach the products and have them in his cart. Through e – marketing the online business entrepreneurs are able to let the people know about all the latest and recent offers on different products.  

Effective E – Marketing strategies

Just like the marketing, the online marketing does have its own phase and strategies that help the entrepreneurs to get the best outcomes and profits from the business. You have a number of options when you chose to market your products and get engage with your customers easily in order to let them know more about your business. These tools are not just ideal for the online business but also can be good for the offline or conventional business as well and it really helps a lot to engage the consumer with the business and provide them all the latest updates as well. As compare to the conventional marketing strategies, the online marketing tools are more effective in persuading the consumers by reaching them through different means and direct access.


Newsletters are the leading tool that can be used to provide the consumers all the latest news about your business and let them be connected to you. The newsletter is commonly subscribed by the consumers when they visit your site then you can offer them free notifications and subscriptions. This will help you to get the best of their attention by providing them the information according to their interests.

Social media

When it comes to online marketing then social media is a giant and most effective tool that is helping the online business entrepreneurs to be engaged to their audience. Social media is a place where they can directly reach the targeted consumers and have a free flow of information for them. Social media includes all the latest communication tools and applications that help the entrepreneurs to engage the audience with the business and can connect with them by providing them some of the extra bus business related information.

Search Engine Optimization

To earn maximum profits and to grow the business it is important to be notified by the consumers, in this regard search engine plays a great role overall. Every search begins with a search engine and then leads to a specified business site and they will connect the consumer with the business. Therefore, it is important to optimize our business web pages with the search engine so it will show up in the top results and you will get better responses. Make sure to use the generalized and unique keywords for optimization so you will have better responses.


Content is the major key for the optimization and to attract the people to your web pages, you can use the content for blogging, web promotion, and newsletters in order to inform people. Content is important for marketing as the selection of words define the business profile and lets you engage with the people effectively.  

Paid Advertisement

In online marketing, you can also get the paid advertisements in order to promote the business online. A number of software and platforms provides you the options to reach the maximum audience by getting the paid advertisement services. In this regard, you can have your banners shown on different sites, content presence on different social media sites as well.

Mobile Applications

At the large scale, the marketing tool is now incorporated in the field is the mobile applications, this is the latest trend where the business entrepreneurs are using the latest mobile application software to build up a connection to the audience and provide them some of the reserved services as well.

Issues and barriers connected to e – Business

In the progress and promotion of e – business there are a number of barriers and taboos present that needs to take care of. Due to the conventional thinking and ideologies, people needs to clarify their doubts about the online business and on the other hand, the entrepreneurs need to resolve the following major issues that can create problems for the business.


Authenticity in services and pricing is considered as the leading problem in the online business. People do not consider the online services and products that authentic as they consider the conventional business and products. The trust issues are common all over the world and these are due to the online frauds that do have a huge ratio.

Privacy and confidentiality

It is hard to keep the information safe online, as there are a number of security threats to the online sites from the hackers. Therefore, the people do not like to share their extreme personal information or the banks account details with the business portal online. This can involve a major risk factor that can be harmful.  


Availability of services and products on early and instant basis seems to be a challenge for the consumers and entrepreneurs as well. Sometimes there are a number of issues came across the way that can cause a delay in the delivery of products or services. It is hard for the entrepreneur to manage the things on its own and bring the best solution out of it.  

Security solutions

Against all the problems that are facts by the online business entrepreneurs, here are some of the security solutions that can help them to make sure their business site will be safe and effective for the consumers visit them.
Data Encryption is the latest tool that can be used by the entrepreneurs to ensure that the data on their site will be secured and encrypted safely.
The best way to ensure the safety is to make sure the Limited access to site data so only the authorized person can handle the things.
It is important to get the services from the best internet security services providers.

E – Business the best use of technology or a technology itself

Generally, it is perceived that e – business is a use of technology that has made the life of people easy and now letting the business to grow differently. However, it has now become a technology with a number of its own dimensions and positions that are facilitating people largely.

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